The INFARMCO Group started as a single business 25 years ago through the establishment of the country’s first swine nucleus breeding farm. Today, the INFARMCO Group is composed of 11 companies engaged in various sectors serving the needs of the poultry and livestock industries.

Thus, the “link” sign in the INFARMCO Group logo represents the DNA double helix to symbolize the Group’s core business activity of swine breeding & genetics. It represents INFARMCO’s first business and from which all the other companies of the group originated from. The Group’s DNA carries the genetic characteristics which are the corporate values and beliefs manifested in each company’s endeavors and in sharing a common passion for Customer Service, Technology Development and Corporate Social Responsibility.

The Red color signifies vigor, dynamism and prosperity. The INFARMCO Group continues to grow in the belief that its customers’ sustained prosperity is its best reward. This has challenged the INFARMCO Group to offer only the best value to its customers through dynamic and innovative products, services and programs.

The Green color means life and growth. The INFARMCO Group is proud to be in the agriculture industry, an industry that provides food vital to the health, welfare and survival of the country’s growing population. As such, The INFARMCO Group manages and conducts its businesses to contribute to the continuous development of the national well-being.