About The INFARMCO Group

The INFARMCO Group exists today as a solid manifestation of our continued commitment towards satisfying the needs of our customers for greater value for their investments. What started as a swine breeding farm in 1982 with the formation of International Farms Corporation is now The INFARMCO Group of companies composed of eleven (11) subsidiaries engaged in three (3) core businesses: Swine Breeding & Genetics, Animal Health & Nutrition, and Farm Systems & Solutions.

As we celebrate our 30th year anniversary, International Farms Corporation looks back at its contributions to the growth and development of the Philippine swine industry, the largest sector of the country’s livestock industry.

In 1989, the International Farms Corporation achieved its self sustaining breeding capability as a “Closed-Herd” breeding company without having to import replacements for its nucleus stocks, one of the very few Philippine swine nucleus breeding companies to do so. Our strategic alliances with international genetics companies and renowned geneticists have further strengthened and continuously updated our technical competence in breeding and genetics.

Our success in the swine breeding business has inspired the company to venture into other related fields in what has become our two other core businesses: Animal Health and Nutrition and Farm Systems and Solutions. Consistent with our company philosophy, the quality products and services in these fields are selected and provided on the basis of their value contribution to customer requirements for optimum farm performance and results. Our technology innovations are designed with accelerating the operational development of our clients in mind.

The INFARMCO Group has always been motivated by its passion and commitment to serve the needs of our customers with quality products and reliable services. We believe that the end is ensured by the means. The strategic approach of our Animal Health and Nutrition business to focus on products that will establish a strong foundation to the piglets precisely reinforces this commitment.

As the livestock and poultry industry move toward increased use of controlled environment in the farms brought about by concerns on efficiencies, animal health risks and environment impact of the farms, our core business on Farm Systems and Solutions has set as its strategic direction to provide holistic and integrated solutions to address these concerns. We believe that for better client value in today’s business environment, more emphasis should be given to sustainable approach for long-term company growth and profitability rather than on piece-meal basis.

We also believe that as a part of the larger and greater society, we recognize our role to initiate, develop and implement programs that will enable the sustainable development of the communities around us. The INFARMCO Group continuously undertakes projects and programs to promote the welfare of the community through the INFARMCO Foundation Inc. initiated programs.

This is best manifested in the Piglink Project with the University of Asia and Pacific to contribute to the eradication of poverty in the country. To further safeguard the environment, the company has successfully implemented its own designed Waste Treatment and Utilization System in its swine nucleus farms.

We as a group follow a philosophy of providing “Value-Driven Innovations” for our customers’ best interest and the community as a whole. Today the INFARMCO Group of companies stand firm by our commitment to serve our customers, to enhance our technical competence and to improve the welfare of our community as we look forward to the future with great expectation.