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International Farms Corporation (also known as INFARMCO) is INFARMCO Group’s primary source for its swine genetic stocks. Established in 1982, INFARMCO is a homegrown swine nucleus farm with an unparalleled history in swine genetic development that goes back 43 years. It has in its stables the largest pure Landrace and Large White nucleus herd in the Philippines.

The breeds which were imported from European stocks generations ago have completely acclimatized to the Philippines’ tropical conditions. Each INFARMCO breeder has passed through rigorous performance testing standards. INFARMCO is the only local swine genetics company that has full performance testing facilities with complete and verifiable records.

As a testament to its performance, INFARMCO breeds have been consistent champions at the prestigious Philippine boar auctions and has received numerous awards since 1989. INFARMCO has been a grand slam winner for all breeder categories several times. Just recently, an INFARMCO Large White attained the highest Selection Index in Philippine boar auction history with a score of 283.

INFARMCO, however, does not rest on its laurels. INFARMCO is committed to improving and bringing out the best in swine genetics in the Philippines. At present, INFARMCO is doing genomic research– the only local swine genetics company to do so–geared toward increasing litter size, faster growth and elimination of stress genes.

This steadfast commitment to advancing swine genetics, makes INFARMCO breeds an obvious choice for many Filipino swine growers.

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