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The INFARMCO Group @ the 29th Hog Convention 2023
INFARMCO has consistently achieved the Highest Selection Index since 1989 in the Boar Auctions.
INFARMCO owns the biggest Landrace and Large White nucleus herd in the Philippines.
INFARMCO is a homegrown nucleus farm with genetic development going back 43 years.
INFARMCO has been the only grand slam champion in boar performance testing since 1989.
INFARMCO is the only Philippine genetics company with complete performance testing facilities.
INFARMCO is the only Philippine swine breeding company doing regular genetic audit and genomic work focusing on litter size, growth and elimination of stress genes.

Montenord Farms on using MS Equipment and HyCare

Thank you Montenord Farms for putting your trust in us!

MS Schippers demos Topfoam and KiemKill at ITCPH

MS Schippers conducted an onsite demonstration for ITCPH students and staff on the use of Topfoam and KiemKill in cleaning pig houses and pens. The demonstration was done at the ITCPH Center in Lipa, Batangas last September 12, 2019 The efficacy…

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