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Our History
International Farms Corporation or INFARMCO began in the late ‘70s when the agricultural vision of brothers, Tony and Jimmy Ng Chua transformed food production by elevating the standards for livestock farming. Their vision focused on improving the level of efficiency, productivity, profitability and competitiveness of the Filipino livestock farmers through the introduction of technology locally developed and adapted with those from advanced countries in Europe and from the United States. The company was duly registered on September 7, 1979, with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). In July 1982, the company began its operations.
The initial swine breeder stocks of INFARMCO consisted of Landrace and Large White breeds sourced from European countries such as England, Sweden, and Denmark. INFARMCO’s entry in the swine industry, particularly for genetics development is widely recognized by industry players. Its boars have been consistent winners in swine auctions, breaking records and selling the highest among other entries. INFARMCO had consistently won top honors from 1989 to 2018 in the National Swine Performance Testing Program organized by the Philippine Swine Industry Research and Development Foundation, Inc.

Our Company

With INFARMCO, you are assured of comprehensive, end-to-end farm solutions for your pigs and poultry business. We are your reliable source for quality…

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Foundation is the Group’s avenue in technology transfer to small farmers on good farm management and efficient waste management…

Chairman's Message

It has been a long journey since 1982, when I pursued my dream to establish my own business with international Farms Corporation (IFC)…

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