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With INFARMCO, you are assured of comprehensive, end-to-end farm solutions for your pigs and poultry business. We are your reliable source for quality parent stocks of disease-free, tropically-acclimatized imported breeds.
INFARMCO is the only swine breeding company that evaluates the genetic progress of your pigs through genomic research. Our annual genetic audit tracks inbreeding and the yearly performance of each breed assuring you of purity in your breed’s genetic lineage.
Maximize your business profitability with the latest in artificial insemination technology, affordable veterinary medicines and high quality feeds for optimal pig health nutrition.
We are also leading the way for cutting-edge farm design, equipment and technology, helping you plan, design and implement your farm.
INFARMCO today is a one-stop shop with a wide range of products and services developed from the Group’s continuing drive for business integration and excellence during the last 35 years.
Our People
We, as a group follow a philosophy of providing “Value-Driven Innovations” for our customers’ best interest and the community as a whole. Today the INFARMCO Group of companies stand firm by our commitment to serve our customers, to enhance our technical competence and to improve the welfare of our community as we look forward to the future with great expectation.
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Provide customers
and clients with quality
products, systems and
solutions, technology and services

Achieve excellence
in swine genetics


Engineering / Environment

To make the INFARMCO GROUP a key Philippine and ASEAN product and service provider of choice in the livestock markets: for swine genetics, farm operating technologies, solutions and systems; and in the process, be able to create a fulfilling environment for all its stakeholders.
Our Core Values
Our Company – Pig

Our History

International Farms Corporation or INFARMCO began in the late ‘70s when the agricultural vision of brothers, Tony and Jimmy Ng Chua…

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Foundation is the Group’s avenue in technology transfer to small farmers on good farm management and efficient waste management…

Chairman's Message

It has been a long journey since 1982, when I pursued my dream to establish my own business with international Farms Corporation (IFC)…

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