Northwest Basic Commodities Corp.

NORTHWEST BASIC COMMODITIES CORPORATION (NBCC) specializes in PIGLET NUTRITION and was established in 1986 to cater mainly to the needs of the Philippine hog industry.

Piglet specialty products, feed supplements and complete feeds, vitamins and minerals are imported from Netherlands on an exclusive basis. NUKLOSPRAY and SPRAYFO PORC MILK by SLOTEN are the premium quality feed ingredients in booster and pre-starter diets for piglets.

NBCC’s main business thrust is the provision of quality specialty products during each of the piglet’s critical stages under our Piglet Nutrition Program to assist the pig farmers attain productivity and profitability in their operations. By concentrating and specializing on piglet nutrition and backed up by its Technical Services Group (TSG), NBCC services the most crucial and sensitive stages of piggery operations. NBCC believes that proper nutrition and care for piglets will ensure better survival rates and will always result in better profitability.

NBCC is responsible for the Nutrition component of MEANS (Management, Environment, Animal genetics, Nutrition, Sanitation and Support Services), a comprehensive livestock production and management program being advocated and promoted by the International Farms Corporation (INFARMCO) Group.

NBCC is one of the subsidiaries of the INFARMCO GROUP, a closely-knit group of companies specializing in the various aspects of farm and livestock production management.

Consistent with the strict adherence of the INFARMCO GROUP on the integrity, credibility and reliability of its products and services, all products carried by NBCC are properly evaluated, tested and experimented before they are distributed to the market.