A unique concept in piglet feed

Nuklospray is an excellent protein and energy supplement based on dairy products and selected combination of vegetable oils and fats. Spray-drying and encapsulation of the fats by protein and lactose enables the specific nutritional requirements of young pigs suffering from low enzyme production and villi atrophy to be fulfilled.

Features and functions

  • Homogenized and micro-encapsulated fat – A high quality fat source, micro-encapsulated for optimum digestion and long shelf-life
  • High quality dairy protein – The finest selection of dairy-based proteins which are very susceptible to pepsin digestion in the stomach, releasing more milk particles and amino acids for easy absorption in the small intestine.
  • Lactose in protein matrix – NUKLOSPRAY lactose is specially prepared to be in a matrix alongside protein, making the lactose well protected in humid condition and further processing. With this, NUKLOSPRAY is well suited in pelleting, since it will not undergo ‘Maillard’s Reaction’— a condition in which a sugar like lactose will react with amino acid such as lysine under heat treatment, thus rendering lysine unavailable for utilization. Furthermore, this characteristic make NUKLOSPRAY non-hygroscopic, thus it can be stored longer without caking.
  • Glutamine isolate – NUKLOSPRAY contains the most available and effective source of glutamine through glutamine isolate. Glutamine is a conditionally essential amino acid that helps the preservation of the villi and acts as major fuel of immune systems’ functional cells.

Product detail