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Rodetox Grains

Whole grain as ready to use rodenticide for the control of rats and mice in and around buildings. Apply bait in closed bait stations.

Dosage: Supply the bait in portions of 15-50 grams in a closed bait station. Keep checking and keep adding bait until nothing is taken from the bait anymore.

Advantage: MS Rodetox Brom Wheat is an attractive bait for rats and mice. One single dose can cause a painless death after 3-8 days. When the active substance starts working the animals search for light and water and therefore they will die outside. An accelerated mummification process takes place keeping the unpleasant odor development to a minimum.

Contents: Bromadiolon 0.005%/0.05 g/kg

240 9520

MS Rodetox Brom Whole Wheat 5 kg

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