ESGI shares Yuletide blessings in Ibaan school

by Gary D. Veloso

Christmas is about sharing your blessings.  This is the message that Europhil Swine Gentics, Inc. wished to convey when they dropped in at Sto. Nino Ibaan Elementary School in Ibaan, Batangas to give a Yuletide surprise to the young students.

ESGI sponsored a gift activity by donating hundreds of Christmas Packs to the pupils of the school.  ESGI was led by INFARMCO Group President Jimmy N. Chua; Natalie C. Teng GM for MS Schippers, NBCC, NBC Exim and Primevet; and Leo T. Apo, Operations Manager, Europhil accompanied by several employees of the INFARMCO Group.  To welcome the Europhil Group was the principal of school Ms. Gina Cayetano and the rest of the teaching staff.

Children lining up to receive their Christmas package from Europhil.
Children lining up to receive their Christmas package from ESGI.
Europhil OM Leo, expressing the importance of sharing blessings.
ESGI OM Leo Apo, expressing the importance of sharing blessings.
Europhil Group receiving plaque of appreciation from Principal Gina Cayetano.
ESGI Group, led by Jimmy N. Chua with Leo Apo and Natalie C. Teng  receiving plaque of appreciation from Principal Gina Cayetano.
Many happy pupils!
Many happy pupils!
ESGI and teachers of Sto. Nino Ibaan Elementary School.

IFI celebrates 25th anniversary

by Gary D. Veloso

The Infarmco Foundation, Inc. celebrated its 25th Anniversary in a simple affair last October 30, 2015 at the Valle Verde Country Club.  A number of the Incorporators of IFI, as well as, selected guests from the swine industry and the INFARMCO Group graced the event

Mr. Vicente C. Mauricio III, General  Manager for IFI, made an audio visual presentation (AVP) which highlighted the past and current projects of IFI.  It also presented the future projects of IFI.

After the AVP, Mr. Tony N. Chua, Chairman of the INFARMCO Group of Companies, gave a short talk on the vision IFI.  Mr. Chua emphasized that IFI was formed to fulfill two visions.

“The first vision,” he said, “ is to help make agriculture viable for future generations.”  Mr. Chua, said while other industries such as technology, retail and telecommunications have progressed,  agriculture has fallen behind.  “Our aim is to make agriculture viable for entrepreneurs,” said Mr. Chua.

The second vision is, he added, “is be involved in regional cooperation.”  In the case of, for example, Mr. Chua cited, “the country’s active participation in the Asean integration.  Where we will have a chance to do business with our neighbors and offer them the best of the country.”  Mr. Chua expressed, “IFI will encourage and support synergism among cooperatives and other similar foundations, as this would help strengthen the agricultural sector.”

Next to speak was Mr. Danilo S. Venida, who shared The Nakar Initiative, a proposed Coco Estate that will benefit 6,000 farmers in Quezon owning 15,000 hectares of coconut land

The final speaker was Mr. Bien Nito, of University of Asia &  the Pacific, who presented the Pope Francis’ five points in bringing down poverty.  These five points are: (1) Do something to get youth involved or employed; (2) Help senior citizens especially in the areas of welfare and health; (3) Address the needs of the people in existential peripheries; (4) Make sure women are given the opportunity to lead work-family-life balance and (5) Work closely with Cooperatives.

As final words for evening, Mr. Tony said, “we should have no more excuses, if we   really want, we can eradicate poverty.”

Mr. Tony expounds on the vision of IFI.
Mr. Mauricio presents the programs of IFI.
Mr. Mauricio presents the programs of IFI.

NBC holds seminar on Mycotoxicosis

by Nedy Santos

 NBC Exim Corporation recently held its first seminar which was entitled “Solutions to Mycotoxicosis and Stress in Poultry.”  It was held last November 19 at the Park Inn by Radison, in Lanang, Davao City.  The main speaker was Martin Enderink, Business  Manager of Palital GmbH & Co Kg which is a Germany based company and a partner of NBC.

The seminar sought to address the problems brought about by Mycotoxicosis which are diseases caused by the effects of toxins produced by fungal molds.  This disease is especially prevalent in tropical countries like the Philippines where the molds thrive in high temperature and humid environments.  The disease has a high mortality rate and easily spreads among the flock.

Mr. Enderink emphasized in his talk the importance of using Vigoral Liquid and Intest-Plus as additives to the feeds to help in preventing the Mycotoxicosis and, as well as, reducing stress in the animals.  This, he added, should be made a standard practice by poultry farmers.  He also cited the value of improving the storage conditions of feeds, particularly in reducing moisture levels and keeping them free from insect infestation.

The seminar was attended by several of the top poultry raisers in Davao.  It was well received by the attendees as they were very grateful to NBC for the enlightening discussions.

IMG20151119200229 (Large)
Audio visual presentation on swine care.

Benefit from Perk Up Dietary Supplement

Perk Up Dietary Supplement (Regular and Premium) are liquid products manufactured for Wonderzyme, Inc.; which owned the formulation. The sole intent for developing these products is to aid the drinkers of alcoholic products from suffering the discomforts due to excessive drinking. Hangover, a collective term for these discomforts, usually happens the morning after the drinking bout.

In a state of hangover, the body has to metabolize an alcohol’s active ingredient; ethanol. Once digested, ethanol is converted into acetaldehyde and acetic acid by oxidation process. This causes normal body functions more difficult since it causes the body’s citric acid cycle to shut down.

Acetaldehyde is known to cause carcinogen in humans and is damaging to DNA and causes abnormal muscle development as it binds to proteins.

To correct the imbalance, the body diverts pyruvate from other important pathways. This, in turn, impairs the ability of the liver to compensate for a drop in blood glucose levels, especially for the brain. Because the glucose is the primary energy source of the brain, this lack of glucose contributes to symptoms such as fatigue, weakness, mood disturbance, and decreased attention and concentration.

Alcohol consumption can result in the depletion of the liver’s supply of glutathione and other reductive detoxification agents, reducing its ability to effectively remove acetaldehyde and other toxins from the bloodstream. Additionally, alcohol induces certain enzymes which, in itself, can produce additional toxins an free radicals.

Ethanol is a diuretic and has a dehydrating effect by causing increased urine production which causes headaches, dry mouth, and lethargy.

Alcohol’s effect on the stomach lining can account for nausea and increase in gastric acid build-up. In addition, hangover grows worse as one ages; this is caused by declining supplies of alcohol dehydrogenase, the enzyme involved in metabolizing alcohol.

Perk Up Dietary Supplement is a processed extract from various plant fiber materials; mainly banana sap, rice bran and seaweeds. All these are rich sources of sodium and potassium. Other minerals and photochemicals are also present after processing. Prolonged cooking with water is done to release the chemical nutrients from the fibers, to dissociate the minerals into ions.

The properties of Perk up Dietary Supplements give them advantages to correct certain problems. The high alkalinity is the key in giving them disinfecting action. Being a reducing agent or anti-oxidant, it can remove foul odor rapidly because of its dissociated ions. Being organic in composition, they are less harmful to humans, animals and plant.

As a dietary supplement, the sodium and potassium as main elements, benefits the human body as an electrolytes and catalyst. During alcohol drinking, there electrolytes are likely to be lost in great amounts; such that the body is in a weakened state. PERK UP dietary supplements can help replenish these elements. Drinking is also known to induce acidity in the stomach; drinking water with a few drops of PERK UP dietary supplement can help to relieve this discomfort.

Even if not drinking alcohol, regular drinking of water with PERK UP dietary supplement can eliminate drowsiness due to fatigue.

Perk up, being an anti oxidant, helps to prevent the body to overcompensate and protects it from free radicals and toxins. Its alkalinity and electrolytic qualities ensures the body stays hydrated. This in turn helps the liver to regulate the acidity in the body and not overcompensate.

The Chairman Turns 70!

by Danny S. Venida

I learned that our Chairman’s age jumped from 68 to 70 years on his birthday last October 22. There is a unique way the Chinese makes the count. 70 years make a real milestone, indeed. If 90 were to be the terminal year for the male specie, we are in our last quarter when we hit 67, and moving on to 70 shows the clock is surely ticking. And we can only pray, we are not in the last 2 minutes yet.

I am privileged to be with Tony now as we plan to bring his creation, INFARMCO to the year 2032. I was privileged to have been with him when he started the farm in Cabuyao in 1982. We hope we will still be around and see what we will make of the company in 16 more years when Tony will be 86. Perhaps, Vitacel will become a longevity formula so he can get to be 100 plus.

It has been a great honor to be Tony’s friend for the last 46 years, a friendship made strong in the exuberance of youth with other close friends at CRC whom we continue to get-together with until today. I met my wife Amy through Tony. I am certain Amy has forgiven Tony for causing her to blunder marrying me. And when he visited Vancouver in 2013 for the wedding of my youngest daughter and as we emptied a bottle of whiskey, I got to share with him that at this stage of my life, I have found and believe in the constant Presence of our Creator in our whole being. God is in each one right now celebrating with us Tony’s birthday. This is Heavenly! And I don’t need alcohol to be able to share this Truth I live by.

I am specially blessed to have been received as family in the Chua home. Thank you, Mama Lekheng. And thank you, Tony. May you be blessed with many more happy years, with the love of your lovely daughter, Jenny.

Happy 70th Birthday!

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InfarmConnect now online!

We are pleased to announce the activation of InfarmConnect.  This is the INFARMCO Group internet blog where news, announcements, activities can be posted on-line.  InfarmConnect shall be our tool in communicating developments within the INFARMCO Group.  Like any blog, you can also post your comments and suggestions.  Everyone is encouraged to submit articles and pictures so they can be posted and appreciated by everyone in the Group.

You may submit your stories to Gary D. Veloso, Head for the Editorial Group.  The Group is composed of: Tony N. Chua, Jimmy N. Chua, Mark P. Chua, Danny S. Venida and Vicente C. Mauricio.  We would like to hear from everyone and we hope see your stories soon.