By Malou Darvin

Valle Verde 5 recently celebrated its 40th year anniversary  via the Community Fair Event held last February 15, 2020 at the VV5 Clubhouse.  The event was graced by Pasig Mayor Vico Sotto and Celebrity Mom, Ms. Connie Reyes. It was a fun family day for VV5 residents, including guests who were treated to Inflatable slides for kids, Zumba lesson for active seniors and moms, delicious food treats, inflatable slides for kids and a free concert. 

WONDERZYME was invited to participate in the event by Ms. Rose Blancaflor, a VV5 resident and coordinator for the event. Showcased Wonderzyme products were disinfectant/cleaning products – Nature’s Spray, Dishwashing, Citronella Mosquito Off Spray, Hand Sanitizer, Liquid Hand Soap,, Fragrance Spray. Also available were various Petzyme products.




By Malou Darvin

A sampling event was held at District 89 Bar in Banawe, QC during the Reunion Concert of Side A,  renowned pop Band last January 24. The event was made possible by KAREN who made Side A’s Original member and lead vocalist, Joey Generoso (in photo)  try out PERKUP drops.  

PERKUP Anti-hangover is so easy to use. Simply add 3 drops in a glass of water, before and after drinking alcohol.

Everyone who attended had so much fun, drinking, enjoying the music and using Perkup. We are confident, that those who tried Perkup, feel amazing the next day, without the feeling of hangover!

Hello, Perkup. Goodbye, Hangover!

A Joy That is Shared is a Joy Made Double

Spreading the Christmas Joy in Ibaan

“A Joy That is Shared is a Joy Made Double.”  For the fifth straight year, the INFARMCO Group through Europhil Swine Genetics, Inc. (ESGI) reached out to the students of the Sto. Nino Elementary School in Ibaan, Batangas. The group led by ESGI Operations Manager Leo T. Apo distributed hundreds of gifts to the awaiting pupils.  They were welcomed by Principal Gina Cayetano and the teaching staff and gave ESGI a plaque of appreciation. The children also gave a welcome dance performance.

After the outreach activity, the group proceeded to ESGI office for its Christmas Party.  ESGI GM Natalie Teng and Leo Apo gave the welcome and Christmas messages to the employees.


INFARMCO Opens New Warehouse

The INFARMCO Group opened its new warehouse in Pandi, Bulacan last October 22, 2019.  The warehouse with upgraded facilities will further enhance the Company’s logistical needs to better serve its customers. 

The blessing of the warehouse by Fr. Jimmy Liao was led by INFARMCO Group Chairman Tony N. Chua and President Jimmy N. Chua.  Also present were MS Schippers GM Natalie C. Teng, LMF GM Mel David, supplier representatives, and guests of the INFARMCO Group.  The blessing also coincided with the birthday of Chairman Tony N. Chua.


Biosecurity: What can we do before it’s too late

MS Schippers  Philippines recently held a seminar titled Biosecurity: What can we do before it’s too late.  Invited to the seminar were members of the Philippine Swine Foundation, Inc.  It was held last August 8 at the Joy Nostalg Hotel.

During the seminar the importance of biosecurity was discussed especially amidst the threat of African Swine Fever which is now scourging many parts of Europe and Asia.  Farm owners also shared their own biosecurity measures.

As such the INFARMCO Group is committed to improving biosecurity in the Philippines by offering products such as MS KiemKill which is a powerful quick-acting disinfectant against viruses (including ASF), bacteria, yeasts, and fungi.

INFARMCO Wins Double at Boar Auction 2019

INFARMCO scored the biggest win at the Boar Auction 2019 by attaining the highest Selection Index (SI) among all the boars.  INFARMCO garnered the Overall Champion and Large White Champion awards for its boar which had an SI of 271. The boar also attained the highest bid at P110,000.  In addition, INFARMCO also got the Landrace Champion award with a boar of an SI of 262.

The boar auction was held at the ITCPH (International Training Center for Pig Husbandry) Boar Auction Centrum in Lipa, Batangas last June 19. It was the 29th boar performance testing and is handled by the Philippine Swine Foundation, Inc.

INFARMCO, a pioneer and one of the leading local swine breeders, has been a consistent awardee in the boar auctions.  INFARMCO is also a one-stop-shop for livestock needs supplying semen, farm equipment, disinfectants, medicines, consumables and more.

IMC Team Building 2019

The IMC Group, the INFARMCO Group shared services department, held its team building activity last April 30 at Riviera Sports & Country Club in Silang, Cavite.  It was a day filled with meaningful exercises.  Through analysis, teamwork, and perseverance, members were able to solve problems and hurdle obstacles.  Most important of all the day was filled with fun and camaraderie.