Philippine beefs up competitiveness of swine industry

MANILA, Philippines – Despite the challenges facing the swine industry, hog raising has been a profitable agricultural enterprise for Filipinos.

The P191 billion swine industry is the largest among the livestock and poultry industries of the country.

It is the second largest contributor to the country’s agriculture next to rice, accounting for 18.28 percent of the total value of agricultural production.

Swine production plays a major role in ensuring the country’s food security by providing about 60 percent of the total animal meat consumption of Filipinos.

The Philippine swine industry is ranked eighth in the world in terms of the volume of pork production and number of breeding sows. However, majority or two-thirds of the pigs in the Philippines are kept by smallhold pig raisers.

Despite being dynamic and technologically advanced, the local pig industry is still confronted with inefficiency of production due to low sow productivity, high mortality due to inefficient diagnostic tool, and lack of native pig genetic resource conservation, improvement and utilization initiative.

To ensure the continued growth of the hog industry,  the Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources Research and Development of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST-PCAARRD) supported research and development  initiatives for swine through the Industry Strategic science and technology program (ISP).

The program aims to address the current problems by developing technologies and systems that are expected to improve the productivity and production efficiency as well as increase the overall competitiveness of the Philippine swine industry.

In partnership with the Accredited Swine Breeders Association of the Philippines, the Philippine Carabao Center (PCC) and Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI) have developed the application of gene markers in breeding and selection of breeder pigs.

This activity has optimized 10 gene marker protocols associated to high litter size, fast growth rate and meat qualities as well as seven markers for screening of genetic defects and disease resistance.

The adoption of the gene marker technology by the swine breeder farms is expected to increase productivity and efficiency in terms of number of pigs weaned and liveweight produced per sow per year.

To address the problem on high mortality due to diseases, researchers from the Central Luzon State University developed six LAMP protocols for common swine respiratory and gastrointestinal pathogens causing diseases.

CLSU forged memoranda of agreement with three Regional Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratories of the Department of Agriculture institutionalizing the LAMP assays to be part of their routine diagnostic protocol.

A web-based group monitoring system for pigs was likewise established.  The data/image transmitted can be viewed real-time using the desktop computer in the farm’s office.

Apart from this, a smartphone application was developed that could  estimate body weight of pigs using captured images.

In response to the need to implement a pork traceability system from pen to plate, a computer software system was developed for tracking animals inside the farm and from the farm to the slaughterhouse gate using radiofrequency identification.

A DNA-based species authentication technology  that can detect meat from pig, cattle, goat and horse, was likewise developed. – The Philippine Star

WZ, now available in Sta. Lucia supermarkets!

by Carlo Antonio Chua


Spearheaded by Wonderzyme’s newest Sales Consultant; Danny Flores(DCF), we were able to reach a consignment agreement with Sta Lucia’s Purchasing Manager, for WZ’s productdisplay. Although 3 products were agreed upon, this means big news for the Wonderzyme

Team and Infarmco as a whole. We set a broader scale on our product awareness and customer reach thru this avenue, without spending a lot on advertisements and collaterals. This is a great way for the consumers to get to know more about the products we offer and the benefits it provides for everyone. As shown in the images above are our 3 products on display in their supermarket namely; Petzyme(pet soap), Nature’s Spray(citrus scent) and the Biozyme Hand Sanitizer. Our products can also be seen at the supermarket’s sale(bundle) section. For more info on this, or if you’d want to view the actual brochure, kindly ask 1MS for a copy.

wonderzyme promo

wonderzme promo 1

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wonderzyme promo 3

INFARMCO joins 26th National HogCon


The INFARMCO Group consisting of MS Schippers Philippines, Prime Veterinary Philippines Inc. and Wonderzyme, Inc. participated in the 26th National Hog Convention and Trade Exhibits at the SMEX last March 30-April 1.  The convention is jointly organized by the Pork Producers Federation of the Philippines, Inc. (ProPork) and the National Federation of Hog Farmers, Inc., the largest hog farmers groups in the Philippines.

The convention aims to highlight ideas and best practices from the best in the hog business.  It is a venue of opportunity for participants and experts to share their experiences and techniques.

This year’s HogCon carries the theme: “Change is Now, Pinoy Pork Wow na Wow!” which focuses on how the various industry players can all work together and pitch in to strengthen, protect and promote the local pork industry.

The HogCon has become an important tool for both veterans in the business and those planning join the sector because this is the only place where they can learn firsthand the ins and outs of the industry.

“Every year, we welcome thousands of participants who come to the event, eager to learn new things,” noted Ely Yu, ProPork Chairman. – with excerpts from Swine Magazine



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Trading Companies 1st Quarter Sales Conference

logo_schippers logo_northwestbasic logo_primevetlogo_europhil

INFARMCO Group Trading Companies held its 1st Quarter Sales Conference last March 24-25 at the Linden Suites.  The conference, attended by all employees in the group, outlined the group’s sales and marketing objectives for the year 2017.  The INFARMCO Trading Companies consist of: MS Schippers Philippines, Prime Veterinary Philippines Inc., Northwest Basic Commodities Corporation and Europhil Swine Genetics, Inc.

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Newly Hired Employees for 2017 and List of Consultants



(Regularization Status)

Jesus San Jose                         February 01, 2017                   Audit Supervisor (Lvl IV-C)

Rachel Dequiña                       March 5, 2017                         Admin Assistant (Lvl II-C)

Ronalyn Severo                       March 6, 2017                         HR Assistant (Lvl II-C)

IMC Jesus San Jose
Jesus San Jose
IMC Rachel Dequiña
Rachel Dequiña
IMC Ronalyn Severo
Ronalyn Severo

(Probationary Status)

Jeaneffer Borja                        February 13, 2017                   Junior Bookkeeper (Lvl II-C)

Serafin Miguel C. Peralta III  February 15, 2017                   Management Intern (IMC)

Michelle Sotingco                   March 6, 2017                         Accounting Officer (IMC)

IMC Borja, Jeaneffer
Jeaneffer Borja
IMC Peralta III, Serafin Miguel
Serafin Miguel Peralta III


(Trainee Status)

Gabriel Noel Baldado             February 13, 2017                   Junior Bookkeeper (Lvl II-C)

IMC Baldado, Gabriel Noel
Gabriel Noel Baldado




(Early Regularization Status)

Janet Pontanes                                   January 01, 2017                     Farm Technician (Lvl II-C)

Cynthia Andes                                    January 01, 2017                     Farm Technician (Lvl II-C)

Anisa Billones                                     January 01, 2017                     Farm Technician (Lvl II-C)

(Probationary Status)

Rodel H. Fajardo                              January 19, 2017                          Farm Technician (Lvl II-C)

Angelica M. Araneta                        January 19, 2017                           ZAP Encoder (Lvl II-C)



(Probationary Status)

Ma. Kristine Carla Tuting             February 13, 2017                   Digital Marketing Specialist (Lvl II-C)



(Probationary Status)

Rose Shell Luberas                          February 28, 2017                   Farm Admin Assistant (Lvl II-C)




Malou Darwin                         Marketing Consultant

Michelle Rana                         R&D Regulatory and Q&A Consultant

Danny Flores                           Sales Head Consultant



Yreneo Lim (YL)                    Farm Management Services Department

Gary Veloso (GV)                  Corporate Communications Department

Ely Yu (EY)                            Farm Performance Audit Department

Pan Zhen (PZ)                         Trading Department

DOST develops technology to identify superior pigs

The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) has developed a DNA technology that can identify genetically superior pigs and help local swine breeders earn more.

Synan Baguio said the technology allows breeders to identify pigs that grow faster, heavier and produce more meat; those which are prone to stress and die before slaughter time, and those which are likely to sire or sow more piglets.

Baguio, officer-in-charge of the livestock research division of the DOST Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources Research and Development (PCAARRD), said the research started in May 2013 under the Swine Genomics R&D for the Swine Industry.

“We can now help those who want to go into swine breeding to choose the best breeding animal they can buy to increase their chances of a profitable operation,” Baguio told The STAR.

By analyzing the DNA of the pigs, swine breeders can increase more efficiently their livestock and improve the quality of their animals.

Science Secretary Mario Montejo said that the completion of the genomics R&D on swine was one of the DOST’s agriculture and aquaculture’s major breakthroughs in the past years.

“We are reaping the benefits of the various R&D projects we have invested in. We are confident it will be a big help to our farmers and contribute greatly to the national effort to ensure food security,” Montejo added.

He said the project placed the Philippines in a better position to capitalize on its being declared a foot and mouth disease (FMD)-free country. – The Philippine Star