IFI celebrates 25th anniversary

by Gary D. Veloso

The Infarmco Foundation, Inc. celebrated its 25th Anniversary in a simple affair last October 30, 2015 at the Valle Verde Country Club.  A number of the Incorporators of IFI, as well as, selected guests from the swine industry and the INFARMCO Group graced the event

Mr. Vicente C. Mauricio III, General  Manager for IFI, made an audio visual presentation (AVP) which highlighted the past and current projects of IFI.  It also presented the future projects of IFI.

After the AVP, Mr. Tony N. Chua, Chairman of the INFARMCO Group of Companies, gave a short talk on the vision IFI.  Mr. Chua emphasized that IFI was formed to fulfill two visions.

“The first vision,” he said, “ is to help make agriculture viable for future generations.”  Mr. Chua, said while other industries such as technology, retail and telecommunications have progressed,  agriculture has fallen behind.  “Our aim is to make agriculture viable for entrepreneurs,” said Mr. Chua.

The second vision is, he added, “is be involved in regional cooperation.”  In the case of, for example, Mr. Chua cited, “the country’s active participation in the Asean integration.  Where we will have a chance to do business with our neighbors and offer them the best of the country.”  Mr. Chua expressed, “IFI will encourage and support synergism among cooperatives and other similar foundations, as this would help strengthen the agricultural sector.”

Next to speak was Mr. Danilo S. Venida, who shared The Nakar Initiative, a proposed Coco Estate that will benefit 6,000 farmers in Quezon owning 15,000 hectares of coconut land

The final speaker was Mr. Bien Nito, of University of Asia &  the Pacific, who presented the Pope Francis’ five points in bringing down poverty.  These five points are: (1) Do something to get youth involved or employed; (2) Help senior citizens especially in the areas of welfare and health; (3) Address the needs of the people in existential peripheries; (4) Make sure women are given the opportunity to lead work-family-life balance and (5) Work closely with Cooperatives.

As final words for evening, Mr. Tony said, “we should have no more excuses, if we   really want, we can eradicate poverty.”

Mr. Tony expounds on the vision of IFI.
Mr. Mauricio presents the programs of IFI.
Mr. Mauricio presents the programs of IFI.