Baguio Sales Conference and Team Building

by Carlo Chua on December 19

The recently concluded team building of PVP, Schippers and Northwest was held last November 23-25 at the The Forest Lodge, Baguio City. This 3-day weekend retreat was for the sole purpose of bridging the gap and strengthening camaraderie between the 3 sister companies, under the Infarmco Group.


Employee feedback:

“The 3-day sales conference in Baguio has been a learning opportunity for me. It was indeed a chance to establish teamwork, strengthen bonds and collate strategies to look forward to for 2018. Surprisingly, I got to discover fresh new talents, potential ideas of my colleagues which they don’t know themselves or they often shy away to showcase. Overall, this experience is one in a million memories I would never forget.” – Grace

“After our Sales Con in Baguio, I’ve learned the difference between being thankful and being grateful. That we should appreciate the things around us. Especially our loved ones. Do not take them for granted. Always treat people with kindness and respect.” -Lovely

“Based on my observation, ito yong pinakamasayang team building, each team kasi may team work at iisa lang ang goal ( sa games and company presentation) Bukod po don mas nakilala namin ang isa’t isa lalo na yong mga co employee namin na hindi namin madalas kasama.” -Nel

“Great Experience to be with the team in Baguio. Spending the days through learning, planning,sharing personal experiences that make us laugh and cry. Happy to be with them, The bonding of each and every one really make us one that can help to reach our goals for the company as well.” – Emy

“I thought at first we will be having our team building, lots of activities and teamwork games. Our days may be filled with fun and excitement as we start our planning discussion this coming 2018 and sale conference on how can sales team improve or what strategies they need to come up with for sales upgrade for the coming new year, and what I like the most is when we have a discussion regarding gratitude, it was like a simple word yet very meaningful,  its beyond being thankful or  grateful but it is a lifestyle also, sometimes we neglect or we don’t appreciate the small things or areas in our life but then it’s a big part that molds our character on how we can become a better person, I am thankful because it’s a privilege for us employees to have an experience to hear this kind of talk “kind a seminar” we refresh as well and reminded us that we should and always be grateful in every areas of our lives.” – Cecil

“Natures gift to indigenous people of the north is a place has been endowed with multitudes of historical,cultural, fascinating tourists attractions which makes it interesting.Profound and somehow timeless like a precious diamond stone. I am delighted and thankful to be part of 2017 sales conference… wherein i can have my reflection of myself, to think of a new plan/goal professional and personal, what are the things that I can improve and contribute to the company to reach our goal.” – Chlariz

“This 2017 Sales Conference helps the group to build strong camaraderie to accomplish each task.  Also, creates unity for the three trading company not only to dream to reach each quota but to be sensitive enough to give whatever help you may hand to other company / counter part in the area.  Also, in may part, I didn’t expect myself to present in front of many people… but that time, maybe in an urge to take responsibility and to stand for the group, I did. Though “kapal na lang po talaga ng mukha yung meron po ako nun..” =)  Lastly, That conference helped me to realize that I can do more… beyond my limits.” – jubel


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