New pet additions and new pet beginnings!

by Carlo Antonio Chua on June 28


breath spray

From our humble beginnings with only having 3 products in our pet care line, namely: The Pet Cologne, Pet Soap and Pet Spray, Wonderzyme steps up to creating another amazing never-before seen product; This month we’ve launched a new addition to our pet line/pet care family, The Pet Breath Spray! A pet breath freshener which will not just benefit the pet, but it’s master. It’ll give your precious domesticated loved one the chance to meet other types such as cats, birds and etc. because their breath, with our breath freshener, will make them more appealing and inviting to others. Now isn’t that great? Along with that, our new breath freshener not only makes their breath smell good, but it also helps reduce oral bacteria, from all the food, liquids and whatnot, they put in their mouths. Our team of fine sales consultants along with our research and development, after much deliberation expect this product on the shelves of supermarkets and distributors/dealers very very soon. So, stay tuned for more announcements as to where this new revolutionary product will be available at, or you can just come up to our sales staff and ask them more about this product and maybe get a sample out of them. Don’t worry, they won’t “bite”!


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