The 1st Infarmco Yuletide Competition

by Carlo Antonio Chua on November 23

The Christmas season is right around the corner. “Ber” months are here, nippy weather gracing us throughout the night, Jose Mari Chan songs constantly on the radio, festive lights and parol’s everywhere, yes, it definitely is Christmas. With exactly a month to go before Old St. Nic’s birthday bash, here at Infarmco we’ve already started!

The 1st ever Infarmco Yuletide Design Competition is underway, with different IFC companies joining in on the fun and friendly competition, this contest has challenged employees’ creativity and mettle. Patience played a big part in seeing all their hard work come to fruition. As nice and “easy” it may look, participants we’re heavily tested with using mostly recycled stuff as a creative challenge from the contest heads.

Here are some photos from the competition. It’ll be up to you to guess each company’s design:






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