ISGI completes sale of Duroc herd to San Miguel

International Swine Genetics Inc. (ISGI) completed the sale of its Duroc herd after San Miguel Foods Inc. (SMFI) picked up at the animals on December 2, 2017.  The load out was composed of 145 breeders, 95 piglets and 62 weaners that filled 13 trucks loads.

Lunch with SMFI Genetics/Veterinary/Logistics team prior to loading.
Duroc breeders awaiting to loaded.
Loading commences.
Loading goes well into the night.
Ready to go.

Forum on Agricultural Sustainability

by Carlo Antonio Chua on December 4

Held at the UA&P dining halls 1 & 2 last November 29, in cooperation with CRC, Foodlink and Inavet, the much-awaited forum on Quantum Growth was well received. The objective of the activity is to primarily introduce opportunities in the country’s Agricultural Industry in aid of the latest technologies. Titled: “Forum on the Quantum Growth: A New Way to Grow, Stabilize Plant Health and Increase Yield for Sustainable Agriculture.” The symposium aimed to create awareness and sustainability through educating agriculturists and help them realise new potential opportunities through different channels. It meant taking risks and being open to current technologies that will be help the farmers.

Here are some snippets from the forum:


ISGI sells Duroc herd to San Miguel

International Swine Genetics Inc.(ISGI) and San Miguel Foods Inc. (SMFI) recently signed agreement for the sale of the Duroc herd.   ISGI will sell its Duroc nucleus herd in to SMFI and the animals will be transferred between November and December 2017.  ISGI will now concentrate on expanding the white breeds of the INFARMCO Group.

Celebration after the animal selection. ISGI GM Marc P. Chua (rightmost) and IFC SPD Head Jomari Isubol (leftmost) with SMFI representatives (left to right): Dr. Daisy Dimacali, Dr. Richard Pillerva and Dr. Ingrid Recto.
ISGI GM Marc P. Chua with Dr. Rosette Arca, VP for Live Animal Sales, SMFI.



The 1st Infarmco Yuletide Competition

by Carlo Antonio Chua on November 23

The Christmas season is right around the corner. “Ber” months are here, nippy weather gracing us throughout the night, Jose Mari Chan songs constantly on the radio, festive lights and parol’s everywhere, yes, it definitely is Christmas. With exactly a month to go before Old St. Nic’s birthday bash, here at Infarmco we’ve already started!

The 1st ever Infarmco Yuletide Design Competition is underway, with different IFC companies joining in on the fun and friendly competition, this contest has challenged employees’ creativity and mettle. Patience played a big part in seeing all their hard work come to fruition. As nice and “easy” it may look, participants we’re heavily tested with using mostly recycled stuff as a creative challenge from the contest heads.

Here are some photos from the competition. It’ll be up to you to guess each company’s design:






The status quo trap

by Danilo S. Venida


The ruling of the Court of Appeals admonishing the Philippine Competition Commission (PCC) to back off from the PLDT-Globe purchase of San Miguel Corp.’s telco assets is symptomatic of what ails Philippine society, where the poor stay poor. Monopolistic, duopolistic and oligopolistic market structures persist, preventing competition that brings down product and service costs for the benefit of the many. The two telcos control the Philippine telecommunication infrastructure and are among the most profitable firms in the country. Yet, as noted by an esteemed recent visitor, Alibaba Group founder Jack Ma, PH internet is “no good.” Indeed.

A big chunk of the telcos’ market consists of the poor—the backbone of the prepaid customers. The telcos rake in tons of cash from their customers, and continue to find ways and means to make more. In the shift to paperless billing for postpaid customers, the telcos charge the recalcitrants P50 a month. Assuming two million customers will continue with the traditional paper bill, this will be P100 million a month, or P1.2 billion more a year, for the telcos. With paperless billing, the telcos save on paper cost, thus upping their profits. Add the charge on paper billing, which has been part of cost, anyway, and their profits get even bigger. This is a double whammy on their customers.

And the Court of Appeals would not want the PCC to touch them.

So much wealth and resources have been generated by the Philippine economy in the last 25 years, thanks principally to OFW remittances and BPO dollar revenues. The pockets filled by these wealth and resources have substantially been those of the old rich, the taipans (old and new), and businessmen and entrepreneurs allied with them (old and young). They make up the new oligarchy. Then there are the power elites, the politicians conspiring with the oligarchy. They use dollars hard earned by OFWs and BPOs to get consumer goods. Much of these goods are imports, which supply the consumption-driven economic growth. The agroindustrial base for the local production of these goods remains undeveloped. Local agroindustrial employment opportunities are not generated en masse.

The consequence is that economic growth and development will be sustainable only as long as the Filipino diaspora, with its huge social costs, continues and the BPO base expands. There will be little economic restructuring. The status quo, in which the poor mass base is the exploited mass market, will remain.

And the status quo is great for the oligarchs and power elites. Why will they be motivated to pursue change when the operating structure has served them well? The Filipino is in a status quo trap. For decades no one has dared disrupt the status quo to make things happen for the common good.

Yet hope must never desert us. Despair serves to back the status quo. The starting point is to define very clearly what the status quo is and why a fundamental disruption is needed. The status quo culture is antipoor. The “crab mindset” is pervasive: It is not only pulling down another to get ahead, but also “institutionalizing cannibalism” to eliminate opposition or competition. “Leaders” surround themselves with, not integrity, but dependence, incompetence and corruptibility, to sustain their leadership over grateful subjects. King Crab is content to be with “crablets.”

Empowering leadership is the call of the times. They who work to keep the status quo must be made aware that in the very long run, it will threaten their own stability. Though “in the long run we will all be dead,” as Maynard Keynes once said, the generations after us will be saddled by the mess we leave behind.

Federalism, now being vigorously pushed, may seem a disruption to the status quo.

But it is clear that with political dynasties and the patronage nature of Philippine politics, particularly local, a federal system will only enhance the status quo.

Many are wittingly or unwittingly working to keep the status quo. Shepherds of the lost sheep killed in the war on drugs have not been a disruption. They are trapped, too.

There will be hope incarnate when a few, many, then 300,000, then a million-plus Filipinos, begin to say: We have to get out of the status quo trap and risk our own comfort zones to work for the empowerment of all.  Only then can the real change we need happen. There are no shortcuts.


This article was published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer on November 2, 2017

2017 Davao Agri Trade



by Carlo Antonio Chua on November 3

DATE 2017, focuses on Livestock, Hogs, Poultry, Gamefowl and Aquaculture. It aims to bring together global and national agricultural experts that will provide essential ideas, best practices, updates on agricultural standards, emerging markets, both local and global and wide prospects & networks that will contribute to Mindanao’s sustainable agriculture industry.

The 19th edition of the Davao Agri Trade Expo bridges the gap between agri-traders, businessmen and consumers alike. Highlights of the 3-day event were the Agri-Trade Exhibit, Free Technical Seminars, Business Matching and the 2nd Agri Marketing Conference in Mindanao. The event was attended by IFC group’s sister companies; MS Schippers and Primevet


Here are a few photos provided by Lynn of Schippers:


At the MS Schippers and Primevet booth.
At the MS Schippers and Primevet booth.


With the DATE mascot.
With the DATE mascot.


Schippers and PVP sales team with 336(Boss Danny).
Schippers and PVP sales team with 336(Boss Danny).




The Chairman’s 70th!

by Carlo Antonio Chua on October 26

Last Friday, we celebrated the 70th birthday of our beloved Chairman; Tony Ng Chua. There are many reasons to celebrate, not only 1TC’s life but the countless lives he’s touched and impacted throughout the years. He built Infarmco from the ground up, from nothing into the country’s leading Swine Genetics company. With all these achievements under his belt, he remains humble and sticks to his principles.

He has taught me to put God first, family second and a note journal to jot down and keep everything organised. Kidding aside, this man has a very big heart, a heart of gold and a heart that cares. He cares so much about other people that often times he looks past his own needs and wants. That’s the kind of person 1TC is, that is the kind of man each of us should aspire to be.

Words cannot express how much we can thank you for everything that you’ve done, not only for the Chua family but for every employee in this company. Infarmco wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for your forward thinking vision, and 1JNC’s leadership behind you. You have fought the good fight, lived a good life and will continue to do so, that we know for sure. May your continued success keep on inspiring like minded individuals, to always strive for better.


Here are some photos and videos from the event:


Visitors and guests with 1TC.
Visitors and guests with 1TC.


1TC arriving with his guests.
1TC arriving with his guests.


The Chairman saying a few words for the company staff.
The Chairman saying a few words for the company staff.


1TC blessing the delicious food, catered by Verleo.
1TC blessing the delicious food, catered by Verleo.


Kindly click on the link to see the birthday highlights:


October Petstival Fun Run

by Carlo Chua on October 25

The most fun-tastic, animal-human awesomeness showcase was held last Sunday, October 22 at the plaza in Imus, Cavite. Our sales staff were also present to educate the masses and to sell some of our pet products along with our distributor, Cavite Pet Shop. Here are some photos of the day’s event. Enjoy!


P_20171021_153911 (1) P_20171021_153937 (1) P_20171021_160410 (1) P_20171021_160443 P_20171021_115451 (1) P_20171021_131104 (1)


23rd Annual PAHA Conference



by Carlo Antonio Chua on October 24


The 23rd Philippine Animal Hospital Association was held last October 8 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Ortigas. Naturaleza, the distributor of wonderzyme’s pet products were part of the exhibitors who joined the event. There were a number of exhibitors’ booth providing medical supplies, dental supplies, food and medicines. Here are some shots of the event:













Wonderzyme now available in more stores.

by Carlo Chua on October 27

With a concerted team effort, Wonderzyme was able to penetrate through the market, yet again. Here are some of our newest stockists and products:



Branches: Munoz, Makati and Sucat
Branches: Munoz, Makati and Sucat
  • Pet spray
  • Pet soap


Branches: Libis, Pasong Tamo, Filinvest, Commonwealth and Balintawak
Branches: Libis, Pasong Tamo, Filinvest, Commonwealth and Balintawak
  • NS
  • MPC
  • Citronella
  • Pet soap
  • Pet spray
  • Pet cologne



Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 9.40.38 AM

  • Pet soap
  • Pet spray
  • Pet breath spray